An instrument which every living being have. Indian Classical, Semi Classical, Light and western Vocals. Learn your favorite.

Vocal range is a measurement of distance from your lowest note to your highest note.

Most of the time vocal range is written as two notes: the lowest note and the highest note with a dash between them.

For example, a pretty common vocal range for guys is C3-C5.

The letter is the name of one of the note you’re singing (C in this case).

The number next to that letter tells you which octave you’re singing in (the 3rd and 5th octave in this case).

That means a guy who can sing from C3-C5 can go from a C in the 3rd octave (the one below middle C on the piano) to the C in the 5th octave (the one above middle C on the piano).

Let’s look at another example:

A pretty common range for girls is from A3-A5.

That means a girl who can sing from A3-A5 can go from an A in the 3rd octave (the one right below Middle C) up to the A in the 5th octave.